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The ILIANA academy

Situated in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 1983 by Inge Ås. Individual workshops and profesional educations in SELF- development, Life coaching, Energy work and profesional Healing..
Workshops in Norway and on demand. Workshops have also been held in Sweeden, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.

Work shops in English can be aranged in Oslo for groups that ask for it.

SELFdevelopment group in English in 2017

4 evenings from 6 to 9pm in Oslo with Inge Ås starting with the first evening free of charge, January 10th. You still have to register reserve your space. Mail
3 evenings total 1000 nkr. Registration

One evening, February 7th. - March 7th. - April 4th. for 400 nkr. Registration

The SELF-development process can be confusing for many who are on this path. We need structures to organizing our efforts by and roadmaps to see the bigger picture of our life. The ILIANA model is a roadmap, a mandela, made up of priniples and points out the different aspects that are crutiol to focus on. The prinsiples apply to the individual who asspieres to reach  individual and collective success.

We all want to better our self and to be of help to our surroundings and to our world. How to go about doing it? First we need to wake up! Presence and our ability to activate more presence on all levels in a major goal. For it to be possible we need to respect our selves, awaken our inner artist and use practical tools in our life. Nothing comes without our own effort!

The ILIANA-model by Inge Ås

The ILIANA model is a model that can be used by itself or in combination with others.


It is based on:

  1. Presence. Awakening and developing a greater presence in all in our life.

  2. Respect for our selves and of the other.

  3. Creativity. Awakening our inner artist, inventor that can find new strategies.

  4. Personal testing and practice of tools and philosophy. Through personal experiences through body, emotions and thought. Visual, aditiev and kinesthetic experiences. Personal intuitive insights and creative critical thought.


The ILIANA model is based on several fundamental philosophies:

  1. We are co-creators in this world and in our own life. We are not omnipotent – nor are we a total victim. We move from victim to more influence over our lives.

  2. Personal development. Knowledge of how we become a person and how we develop a personality with believe structures, emotions and thoughts. How we become a human being in a physical form. Our actions and behaviors.

  3. Spiritual development. The unfolding of SELF and understanding how we can become an Awakened being. Learning how to strengthen our inner values and our core SELF.

  4. Everything is energy. Also using methods that include the streams of energy in and around the body and the energy centers / chakras and fields.

  5. Understanding the difference between our intentions and our actions. Using parts of the NLP model.


We use models as tools:

  1. Observation. Observing the body, tone of voice, words and metaphores. And observing through our inner senses through intuition and more.

  2. Life dialog. Where questions are the entrance to the answer. Sorting av analyzing from 3 viewpoints: Where am I? Where and what do I want to change/from? Where and what do I want to move towards?

  3. Energy work / The Chakra system.

  4. NLP methods for observation and tools for change.

  5. DreamWorks and the tools of regression, dream journeys and progressions.

  6. Meditation and energy exercises.


The most important tool for an ILIANA life coach or healer is her/his ability to be present in the room. This is achieved through a personal, conscious and constant SELF development process.

We need to have:

  • An acknowledgment of our own, often contradictory, personality structures as a part of our own web of life.

  • Understanding that life is a process with goals on the way –and an understanding and acceptance of change as not only acceptable but something to wish for.

  • Flexsibel reaction patterns is a goal because it opens to more possible choces in accordance with the person's inner SELF,

  •  Acknowledging the importance for individuals to find meaning

  •  Acknowledging the importance of following their hearts longing

  •  Acknowledging the importance of searching and finding life goals and personal life theme

  •  Acknowledging the desire to live life in its fullness


This is possible through the methods used in the ILIANA model. The model recognizes humankind as a part of it all. Therefore, all known and unknown influences are important to be reckoned with. The model recognizes the unknown as an ever-present factor. The hypothesis is that freer, awakened people also will benefit the community - the earth and all that is. The ILIANA model is a model for growth and individuality in a common world.


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